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Egy globális technológiai vállalatcsoport tagja, mely autóipari beszállítóként motor és hajtómű szimeringek nagy sorozató gyártásával foglalkozik, YoungPeople karrier pályázatot hirdet végzős/pályakezdő hallgatók részére.

További részletekért érdeklődj a hszk@uni-neumann.hu e-mail vagy személyesen az irodában a 03.02. hirdetésszám megadásával.


Target Position: Operational engineering/BU management (MES/SCADA system) in Kecskemet, HU


The Trainee Program’s content is built off of the academic knowledge the Trainee has received while completing their degree as well as the individual needs, capabilities and objectives of the Trainee. The program is an 18 month program rotating to various locations throughout the  Trainee’s home country and abroad. Upon the successful completion of the program, Trainee’s will take on a demanding and challenging role in their core field.

As a part of the Trainee Program, you can expect to:

Develop your professional and decision-making skills through various project assignments and daily tasks Share your experiences and knowledge

  • Gain international exposure and experience
  • Receive guidance and clear expectations from an experienced advisor in your core field
  • Receive regular feedback and participate in our internal Talent Management Process
  • Build an extensive network within the organization
  • Attend learning and development sessions and workshops
  • Obtain a full-time offer of employment at the successful completion of the program based on your performance with in the division/function assigned

The Ideal Candidate Will Have:

  • A Bachelor Degree or greater in an applicable field of Mechanical Industrial Engineering or Information Technologies Engineering
  • Experience with high-level programming languages (at best Java, Python) , databases (preferably MS SQL)
  • Basic knowledge of IT network technology (hardware, IP addresses, VLANs)
  • Sensitivity for conscientious documentation, version traceability and securing of software developments
  • Basic knowledge of the control technology for production machines (assembly of PLC, I/O modules, actuators, sensors)
  • Basic knowledge of data transfer (bus systems, network protocols, OPC)
  • Practical work experience through internships and throughout academic career
  • Strong interest in sealing industry manufacturing, production and IT fields
  • Commitment to completing an 18 month program and dedicated to advancing their career with Freudenberg long term
  • Exemplify a satisfactory level of living the Freudenberg Guiding Principles
  • Advance level of English and Hungarian language preferred
  • Interest in relocation as well as an international assignment

Essential Duties, Responsibilities:

  • Support projects and tasks relation to the production and operational management at the partner productions.
  • Participate of the extension of the existing SCADA system (conception of machine and equipment connection, application for investment funds, implementation)
  • Support the production management and team in different projects in order to continuously improve productivity and efficiency of the local sites.
  • Actively participate in the different Kaizen/Lean/Six Sigma projects and CIP activities.
  • Support the local different  development activities due to the organizational needs in order to increase the overall efficiency and quality of production.
  • Feature development on the existing SCADA system (OPC, SCADA, DB development)
  • Possible support and management of MES projects at other locations within the division