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Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing programmer

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Company located in the 13th district of Budapest is looking for an employee.


További részletekért érdeklődj a hszk@uni-neumann.hu e-mail vagy személyesen az irodában a 08.08. hirdetésszám megadásával.



If you want to immerse in the world of ML and NLP, we have a short term project that focuses on using ML and NLP algorithms to process text and make decision based on the content. The project has the potential to extend far beyond the existing scope and expand into multiple years. We are looking for someone who may not yet possess the full extended knowledge in ML/NLP but is willing to face challenges and solving difficult problems and to advance his/her knowledge in this field.

Knowledge with modeling and programming in R, Python a plus, but experience in any modern programming language is sufficient.

• Familiar with vector and linear algebra as well as calculus
• Understand basic Machine Learning technology and Natural Language Processing algorithms (specifically for the English language)
o Experience in various NLP algorithms such as random forest, word embedding, etc a plus
• Has the aptitude to learn new algorithms and devise models to solve unique problems.
• Can communicate at least technically using English